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I have reposted the first post, so that they now appear in logical order.

I am also adding a brief simplified reading, called Practice Reading, sort of a paraphrase of a few of the main ideas. I hope the result doesn’t sound too barbaric to fluent German speakers; but please enlighten me if I put anything grammatically wrong or in a bad style.

If you find the syntax difficult, try the simplified reading first; then go back and retry the original.

As we all do in intimate conversations in our native tongue, Bonhoeffer sometimes writes long sentences–interrupting himself in midstream with a related thought or explanation–that can make difficult reading for beginners.

I am also hoping readers will post their own translations, comments (in English or German), or reflections in the Reply space below. You have to log in the first time, but it is quick and painless; after your first post is accepted, they will be automatically allowed in the future.

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