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Blogging is contagious! Celucien L. Joseph has started a Theological French Blog. See my Reviews page. Now all you Ph.D. students out there will have no excuse for not passing your exams. If I had time, I would add one for Latin, but maybe someone else has the expertise and free time to do that.

Still Flying by the Seat of my Pants

(By the way, does anyone have an idiomatic translation for the above expression?)

If you notice I keep changing things, I’m trying to get it right. I realized the categories “Reference” and “Reviews” might be confusing, so I have renamed them. “Reference and Resources (Sprache)” refers to sources helpful for learning German. ” Reviews and Recommendations (Sache)” refers to sources with interesting content, whether written in German or English. There may be some overlap, but that is my description of the function of the two different categories. For example, if you find an interesting film in German, post a review or recommendation as a “Comment” or “Reply” on the “Reviews and Recommendations (Sache)” page. Alles Klar?

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