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First, I’ve got 17 minutes left to say it. We have definitely found Nessie. Here are the photos to prove it beyond all dispute:

The Loch Ness Monster
Second, I thought Carl Darling Buck and Georgios Hatzidakis said all there is to say about the Doric dialect, but there is more. I am learning to speak Doric, the dialect of NE Scotland. Of course, Buckie, has its own variety. Maybe a better way to say it is that Doric is the language of Northeast Scotland, and the Buckie dialect is one of many dialects.
It is rumored that I. Howard Marshall is known to mutter Doric phrases in his sleep.

He fair thocht he wis Airchie Pluff. An him jist Airchie’s brither.
Lovely, tell yir ma.


What with all this delving into Doric, I’ve almost forgotten all about German.

But I’ll get back to it the morning.

Here are a couple of quizzes:

  • Reiseneier
  • In which letter (date) did Bonhoeffer thank Bethge for the “Rieseneier”?

What does the following picture make you want to say?


  1. Rhododactylos Eos
  2. Polyphloisboio Thallasses
  3. Foo’s yir maan?
  4. Dinna be skycie!

Morgen sprechen wir deutsch!


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