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I have been inactive for quite a while on this site. However, I’m going to get back at it. I plan to post a series of meditations on biblical texts by Gerhard Von Rad. Von Rad was one of the Christian theologians and pastors in Germany who opposed the Nazi ideology. Of the 18,000 protestant pastors in the 1930s in Germany, about 5000 jointed the pro-Nazi German Christian movement and 7000 joined the “Confessing Church” which opposed recognition of any leader other than Christ. Von Rad was one of the 7000 who did not bow the knee to Baal.
Here is a prayer the Hitler Youth were taught, one which von Rad would have considered idolatry :

Schütze, Herr, mit starker Hand
unser Volk und Vaterland!
Laß’ auf unsres Führers Pfade
leuchten Deine Huld und Gnade!
Weck’ in unserem Herz aufs neue
deutscher Ahnen Kraft und Treue!
Und so laß’ uns stark und rein
Deine deutschen Kinder sein![190]

Protect, O Lord, with your strong hand,
Our people and our fatherland!
Allow upon our leader’s course
To shine your mercy and your grace!
Awaken in our hearts anew
Our German bloodline, loyalty, and strength!
And so allow us, strong and pure,
To be your German youth!


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