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Christopher (see Comments on the “Conversation” page) suggests that we learn our noun genders: those pesty “der/das/die’s”.  Starting tomorrow, I will begin posting a cumulative review of the vocabulary from the Bonhoeffer selections.  The first list will be all 150 of the masculine nouns.  Other than reciting them aloud, I would suggest composing brief phrases or sentences, using the nouns in various grammatical cases, with the appropriate definite article.

In most of the selections I have not included genitive or plural forms–maybe that will come later.  Or you might want to print out the list, then look them up in the dictionary: add the other grammatical forms and additional definitions you think it would be helpful to memorize.

I also agree with Christopher that we should strive to attain as high a conversational level as possible; don’t be satisfied with merely passing an examination.


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This is my grandson’s favorite German book.  Assuming you are familiar with the English rhyme “Pussy cat, pussy cat” you won’t need much vocabulary help with the following selection.

But let’s make a little contest of it–who can list the most grammatical and vocabulary items this little verse helps us remember?

Miezekatz, Miezekatz, wo gehst du hin?

Ich gehe nach London zur Königin.

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