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The site Die Geschichte von Jesus contains daily Bible readings in German and You Tube links, including a recent one from Bibeltv featuring a interview with J. Moltmann.

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Waterboard“Der gefolterte Christus
ist der Bruder der Gefolterten.
Der auferstandene Christus
ist der Richter der Folterer.”
Jürgen Moltmann

gefoltert; tortured; der Gefolterten (gen pl) auferstandene risen

der Folterer the torturer
der Richter the judge


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Remember to check the other pages (click on the tabs at the top or under “pages” on the right) from time to time. The “Home” page is the blog part; on the other pages new information is at the bottom. Rather than making new posts, I just edit and add new tidbits. For example, here are a couple new items from “Reviews and Resources”:

Last year, Aldo Parmegianni interviewed Jürgen Moltmann on his 80th birthday, for Radio Vatikan. The interview sums up the major themes of Moltmann’s life work. Both the text and the audio (Real Audio) are available. I will be posting some vocabulary helps soon.

A new web site celebrates the upcoming 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin. Calvin 09 gives the options of English, French, Deutsch, or Spanish. Click on “Actio” and you can download, among other writings, the Institutes in French or English.

Wieland Willker is a chemist in Bremen, who is a serious amateur NT scholar and textual critic. His web site includes a bibliography of books in German on NT Greek, and a Greek-German NT vocabulary list. His site also includes a massive textual commentary in English on the GNT.

On the “Conversation for Beginners” page, Judy and Athene have started a conversation about people for whom church is strange and unfamiliar. Meanwhile, I have posted a couple of photographs on the “Photos” page; and a few readers have been bold enough to venture translations in the “Comments” box after the reading selections.

I’m also adding to the “Grammar” pages a little at a time.

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My wife and I belong to a group called “Wellspring,” that meets out on Judd and Nancy’s farm. We currently have chosen to read Cost of Discipleship together over the next couple months. Wellspring has just started its own blog, and–I have begun posting my translations of the reading selections from the letters. I don’t want to make it too easy to any Theological German readers, but if you want to check my translation or compare yours, you can go to “wellspringks.wordpress.com“. Click on the “Bonhoeffer Focus this semester” tab (or the page on the left), then go to “Letter 1” etc.

As I said before, I am a fellow traveler and struggler, so my translations make no claim to literary merit, or even any guarantee of accuracy.

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