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I have another Bonhoeffer selection almost ready to post, but it may have to wait a day or two due to technical problems.

Meanwhile, I am here in the fabulously beautiful and historic city of Praha, Prague, awaiting the start of the Tenth Bonhoeffer Congress. Like the Olympics and presidential elections, the Bonhoeffer Congress occurs every four years.

Tomorrow night, Jürgen Moltmann delivers the opening address on Prison As a Place to Do Theology. On Saturday my daughter Tabitha and are scheduled to make a modest contribution of our own. Before the congress starts we are doing some sight seeing and getting an education. I plan to see the statue of Jan Hus later today.


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. . . and get to work.  I’m having too much fun.

In a few short weeks I have to present two papers in Tuebingen at the Institute for Christian Origins.  One is a draft of the paper I will be presenting in Prague later in the summer; this is to a Theological German group.  The other is a NT historical study to the NT colloquium.

This blog may suffer a little.  I do plan to continue with postings from Bonhoeffer, though, even if they are not as frequent.  I think I will move on to some of the serious theological reflections on “Religionless Christianity” and so forth.  That also means that within a few months I will be finished with selections from Widerstand und Ergebung and will have to move on to something else.  Any suggestions?  I do have a few things in mind, but I am open to suggestions.

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