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In response to a comment by Bob McDonald a couple days ago, I have resumed posting my own translations of the Bonhoeffer selections on Wellspring. I am picking up with the recent selections Bonhoeffer’s remarks about nature. Again, I will remind you that I am a fellow struggler. I don’t claim any literary merit or special degree of accuracy for the translations. I try to stay fairly close to the German text, but have paraphrased a little in a couple of places (trying to communicate what I think the words mean).

Of course, published translations done by professionals are available. I will be updating the “Bonhoeffer Sources” page here soon.

It’s been a while since any of the readers have ventured a translation. Please use the comments section if you would like to try.

If you wish to read mine go to Wellspring (here). On the left you will notice a menu for “Pages.” You will find the current translations under “Meditations on Nature.”


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