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More Embedded Clauses

The previous post had another doozy of a sentence with embedded clauses.  It helps me to graphically arrange the words in a way that shows how clauses are embedded within other clauses.  The adjective and article endings can also be tricky: -es can be neuter nominative or or genitive singular masculine or neuter; der can be nominative, genitive, or dative (depending on gender and number).  Der can also be a relative pronoun or demonstrative adjective, if its use as a definite article isn’t enough.

After you untangle the syntax, practice reading a passage like this aloud, using pauses, tone, and volume to express the syntax.

Wissenschaft in Erkenntnis

jenes in Gottes Werk gesprochenen Wortes Gottes

Wissenschaft in der Schule

der jenes Wort Gottes bezeugenden heiligen Schrift

Wissenschaft in der Bemühung

um die der (durch jenes Wort Gottes) berufenen Gemeinde

unausweichlich gestellte Wahrheitsfrage.

science in recognition of that word of God spoken in God’s work,
science in the school of the Holy Scriptures which testify to that word of God,
science in the labor for the question of truth which is inescapably placed before the community  that is called through that word of God.


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