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Jerry Coyle

I’m attempting to translate Rudolf Bultmann’s “Der alte und der neue Mensch in der Theologie des Paulus” (Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1964). On page 8 the following sentence appears:

“Nun liegt es ja in der Tat nahe, zu sagen: die δικαιοσύνη ist bei Paulus ein eschatologisches Heilsgut, und der δικαιωθείς ist der neue Mensch der Heilzeit, für den diese Welt mit ihren Möglichkeiten des Handelns und des Sündigens nicht mehr in Frage kommt.”

I’m looking for a definition of “die Heilsgut” in this sentence. The closest I can come is something like “salvation good,” or “material pertaining to salvation,” or maybe even “salvation.” Can you get me to a more precise definition than this? Thanks.


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Anglican Student recently asked (via a comment on my other blog) whether I am still asking people to post their own translation as a  “Comment” following the reading selections.

The answer is YES, please post your translation–or give feedback to others who are willing to try.

By the way, it is easier to post a comment than it used to be. When I was new to using WordPress, I think you had to register and have a password.  Now you just have to leave your email.  I will have to approve you first comment, after that it will be automatic.

Especially if you are studying Theological German to pass an examination and to actually read significant texts in German, the practice should be very helpful.  I also think discussing some of the passages would be helpful–it would be a good test of your comprehension level if you can join in the debate.

So, take the plunge, test your translation, post a comment.

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Machine Translation

We are not irrelevant yet.  Human intelligence is still superior to the artificial variety, when it comes to translation.  Here is a sample of what Google Translator did with a selection.  

AP: You speak of Auschwitz.  You know the errors: to Auschwitz can no longer believe in God?

JM: Yes, I know the errors.  He is wrong.   A Jewish friend told me: ‘We can not Hitler a posthumous victory grant, we no longer believe in God! “Because he wanted to achieve through Auschwitz: not only the Jewish people, but also the belief in the God of Israel destroyed.  After Auschwitz theology is a theology to Calvary.

  We must seriously.  Theology after Auschwitz is a cross theology.  If the disciples to Calvary of God could speak, then we can to Auschwitz from God.

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