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I’ve added a link to a third other site with “Theological German” in the title.  Professor JJ Niehaus  of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary has an attractive site with grammar lessons and exercises.  See link on the right sidebar under “Grammar” or click here.

I’ve been using Cue Card with my Greek class, and it is working well.  I have started creating some files of my own for German vocabulary and phrases.  I have just been using them as flash cards, but you can also add images or sound.  You may download Cue Card  here.

I use Multikey to access the Unicode Greek fonts–which are a great advantage over the old ASCII-based Greek fonts.  Palatino Linotype has an excellent Greek font built in.  Times New Roman also has a Greek Unicode font built in.  The Unicode character set is already there, built into Windows (and Mac fonts)–but you have to have a keyboard program to access them.  there is a way to do it through Windows, but Multikey makes it quick and easy to switch between fonts.

To type in German, I follow the advice Judy Redman gave here.

Next week is my spring break, and I should have time to post a couple new reading selections.


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